About Us

Sarah Welsh Elliott is a designer and artist living and working in New York City. For over a decade she has worked in fashion and costuming in both New York and Los Angeles, developing a unique personal aesthetic along the way. With Welsh Elliott Modernism she focuses a keen curatorial eye on one of her greatest infatuations – jewelry.

Welsh Elliott Modernism is more than just a collection of vintage mid-century jewelry. It is an extension of Sarah's joy in discovering and appreciating the restrained beauty inherent in pieces from this period of jewelry design. The items here are striking, timeless, historical objects of art intended to be collected and obsessed over. But due to Sarah's fine sense of style, they are also extremely relevant to current fashion and highly wearable. This collection transcends trends, passing over the "vintage look" in favor of pieces with important, relevant style. This is collectable vintage jewelry for the fashion-forward who value singular, high-end pieces – not just serious collectors, but for anyone who cares about owning exceptional, progressive, gorgeous jewelry.

Many of the pieces here are of peerless design and extremely collectable. Sarah goes to great lengths in seeking out what is offered for sale, striving to elevate collecting to an art form. The most inspired and uncommon designers of the mid-century period are represented. You can often consider the pieces available at Welsh Elliott Modernism not only beautiful, wearable works of art, but also long-term investments. As the overall design aesthetic of the mid-20th century becomes more important and valued, so does the jewelry.

Every item you find on this site, from the most interesting modern Mexican silver to the most inventive Scandinavian design, has been carefully chosen by Sarah to meet exacting standards of quality, uniqueness, and wearability. You will not come across another collection like Welsh Elliott Modernism.


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